Product Warranty

Product Warranty (only applicable in Taiwan for the moment)

Product replacements and returns under this product warranty shall be handled by the distributor (channel vendor). Metal Volition Optoelectronics Ltd. will not process product returns or replacements directly. Thank you for understanding.

LED light bulbs from Metal Volition Optoelectronics Ltd. – Certain products have a one-year warranty.

LED light bulbs are covered by a one-year warranty free of charge starting from the date of purchase, but in the following events, product replacements will not be allowed.

In order to ensure client interest, please make sure that you keep the receipt of your purchase to show the seller and date of purchase.

If product repair or replacement is required while under warranty, please provide relevant proof of purchase (such as the invoice or receipt) for verification.

If proof of purchase is not provided, the production date of the product shall be deemed the start date of the warranty period.


Product returns/replacements will not be allowed if a breakdown is caused by one of the following reasons during the warranty period:

  1. Damage caused by natural disaster or force majeure.
  2. Failure to use user’s manual or improper operation.
  3. Dismantling or repair performed by any person other than a technician authorized by the Company.
  4. Repairs beyond the warranty period will be charged the cost of service and parts.
  5. To ensure successful repair and normal use of products, new products or processed parts/refurbished parts manufactured by different suppliers may be used in the course of repair. Defective parts removed in the course of repair shall be unconditionally returned to the Company as its property and for further handling.
  6. The warranty on free warranty repairs, shall end when the original warranty period expires.
  7. For paid repair during the warranty period and repair beyond the warranty period, the warranty period for repaired parts is 3 months.


After-Sale Services

For any issue about product return/replacement, please contact the channel vendor of your original purchase.
If you have any questions about product installation or use, please call the customer service center.

Toll-free customer service number: 07-5811711
Service Hours of Customer Service Center: Monday through Friday 9:00 AM –17:30 PM
Customer Service

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